I completed my practicum in Wood County District Public Library’s Children’s Place where I was fortunate to participate in STEM programming, promote Every Child Ready to Read, observe storytimes, and perform reader’s advisory. I also made recommendations for additions to the collection.

I developed these projects and instruction sheets for use in a bookmaking workshop to be held for caregivers of young children:


Bookmaking_InstructionsC Bookmaking_InstructionsB

In the spirit of the summer reading program theme, Dig Into Reading, I converted the library’s worm display into the Bookworm Resort complete with privacy curtain and worms with alliterative names:


The text next to the display is a message from the worms that reads:

When we were given the choice between vacationing at a library or at a lake (where there would be lots of fishing), we worms were thrilled to select Wood County District Public Library as our summer vacation destination.

We were also psyched to find out the summer reading program theme: Dig Into Reading. Moles, prairie dogs, and gophers get all the glory, but nobody knows more about digging than worms. So, stop by this summer and we’ll show you what it’s all about.